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by glutenfree
Mon Sep 27, 2021 3:18 pm
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: SLA Printing???
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Re: SLA Printing???

How is this STILL not a thing in S3D? I thought Simplify3D was supposed to be THE best, most cutting edge slicer available???
by glutenfree
Thu Sep 16, 2021 8:09 pm
Forum: General Discussion and Tips
Topic: Sketchup 2017 STL scaling?
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Re: Sketchup 2017 STL scaling?

Are you using the built-in STL exporter in Sketchup 2017?
I'm no expert but am quite familiar with this version.
by glutenfree
Wed May 25, 2016 2:31 pm
Forum: Troubleshooting and Bug Reports
Topic: Model Disappears After "Preparing to Print"
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Model Disappears After "Preparing to Print"

I was hoping to use my S3D today but I ran into an issue where a model disappears once I press the "prepare to print" button. I have never encountered this so I am quite puzzled... I have before/after pics to upload, just not sure where the upload button is located. I also have my factory ...

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