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Coasting Distance / Extra Restart Distance Upgrade

Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:21 pm

I'm using Coasting Distance 0.1 to minimize stringing and I'd like to increase the Coast distance for certain parts / materials / colors / ambient temperatures, but I'm concerned that with a lot of retractions the cumulative effect a lot of Coasts will eventually cause under extrusion in the part.

Extra Restart Distance Upgrade

I don't just want to add a complimentary Extra Restart Distance for larger values of Coast because that can cause a little blob at the beginning of the path. Furthermore, Coast is in extrusion path distance mm and Extra Restart Distance is in extrusion length distance so it's hard to equate the two.

Therefore I would like Extra Restart Distance to be implemented over a user defined distance to minimize a blob at the start of an extrusion and there should be a way to set it equal to the Coast value or vice versa. This would allow me to pick larger Coast values and match them with similar Extra Restart values that would be smoothed out over the course of a user defined path length.

In the following example, the Extra Restart Distance 0.3 mm occurs over the first 5 mm of the new path.
Coast: 0.3 mm
Extra Restart Distance: 0.3
Length of Extra Restart Distance Path: 5 mm

Coasting Upgrade With Braking

I'd like to have the ability to slow down the extruder at the end of a path instead of relying 100% on Coast (and Wipe) to minimize stringing with something I'll call Braking for lack of a better term. In the following example the printer would print at 50 mm/s , but for the last 20 mm of the print path the print speed would linearly slow down to 10 mm/s to minimize any back pressure at the end of the extrusion; thereby minimizing stringing and requiring less Coast and Wipe.

Braking example:
Default Printing Speed: 50 mm/s
Braking distance: 20 mm
Braking speed at end of path: 10 mm/s

Are these things S3D can implement for the next release?

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