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Raise 3D Pro Plus problems

Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:07 pm

Im New to simplify 3d ,i have a Raise 3DPro Plus and yet it is listed as compatible i could not find a way to connect the machine directly to the software,it does not detect it at all,no matter if i use the ethernet or the wifi option...What can i do to make it work? The Machine is on my local network and works fine in ideamaker
Another issue is that i cant find a way to set the dual head offset ..even though in preview mode the part is aligned with the Brim,when i open the gcode in ideamakers slicer,it comes out misaligned...
any workaround or tricks for theses Problems ??
(attached are some images)
I also would like to request a feature:
could you please redesign the preview mode into an interactive interface?
i mean one where we coild have all the options from each process and on the side a model window where we could actually see wht all the parameters do?
its really a bad and time consuming workflow to configure all the parameters of the processes and then go into preview mode:see if its ok or better....go back out:to processes again and twitch around some more...go into preview again and again and one more again... :oops: :shock: :shock:
This will be the modification that will get the already best slicer to become invencible!
Hi from Florianopolis,Santa Catarina,Brazil!
Simplify 3D print file opening in Ideamaker.JPG
Simplify 3D print file opening in Ideamaker Slice Preview.JPG
Simplify 3D preview Mode test Cube.JPG

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Re: Raise 3D Pro Plus problems

Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:24 am

I would advise you not to mix different. like feature request and problem solving in one post. You will get no answer on either questions.

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