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Prime pillar enhancement is good, but better would be...

Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:39 am

I often use duel color prints to use alternate material supports...
Many times, I only need the support material on the bottom portion of the model.

Is there an easy way other than manually creating two processes to stop using a prime pillar after the support is no longer needed?

My current solution is to parse the model, manually check out where the supports stop, go back to the processes, add a 2nd process for the top half, change the settings etc. etc etc...

It's clunky.
The latest enhancement was to stop printing the 2nd color in the prime pillar, which is good, but it is still printing a prime pillar which might not really be needed at all.

I haven't found the magic option so I guess this is a feature request.

<checkbox> Stop using prime pillar after last tool change.

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