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MacBook Friendliness

Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:20 am

Quite a lot of Mac laptop users out there.

I'm one. Below average at many things but probably not in using my computer. Nonetheless it's taken me 3 years of S3d usage to figure out that I can PAN in the model viewport by holding down CONTROL, performing a mechanical click and dragging. Until now I actually thought it was impossible and for 3 years have struggled to examine support material by merely rotating - and sometimes moving the model on the bed and re-slicing to get another angle.

Three suggestions:

1) Make it easier for Mac Laptop users to discover this feature (I only find out after 3 years because one day the model drifted sideways so knew it must be possible; then scoured the forums for mention of the required technique).

2) These days Mac Laptop users have steered away from mechanical clicks on the trackpad - it's all touches and caresses. So it's not intuitive (or pleasant) to have to work like that. Would highly recommend:

a) two finger drag = PAN; (as per Fusion360)( => naturally zoom, currently and bizarrely two finger drag, then becomes the classic pinch)

b) hold shift and two finger drag = rotate (also Fusion360)

There are a few Mac desktop users with mice and don't know what the deal is there but think increasingly they have touchpads....

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