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Force inside-out outline for overhangs.

Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:25 am

I use outside-in outlines for parts that require good dimensional accuracy as inside-out tends to grow a bit. This works great except for areas where there is an overhang greater than 45 degrees or so. Could there be a feature to automatically switch to inside-out oulines when these overhangs are detected? This would only apply to outlines in a layer which include an overhang above a defined angle.

My main useage for this would be for bolt head/nut holes that come off the bed. I use a 60 degree chamfer to remove the need for support. The main outline doesn't have an overhang beyond 45 degreea so would still be printed outside-in.
With outside-in on 60 degree overhang the surface outlines don't tends to bond well and form chord lines across the hole.

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