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Infill with no extra perimeters

Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:38 am

When infill is added a second perimeter is added in some places, wouldn´t it be possible to add a new type of infil where this second perimeter wall isn´t added?


Another useful feature would be to add infill just up to a distance from the wall and leave the inner area of the part empty.

Another useful feature would be to add a second wall after that shorter infill so the printed part could be like a sandwich made of a stl wall and a slicer generated short infill and a slicer generated inner wall.


The double wall infill between the perimeters was designed on the 3d cad. The function I´m suggesting would have a similar effect but the infill could have only one wall.

This would be useful for many things and would save much plastic and hours at the 3d cad.

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