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Raft-specific Nozzle Temperature?

Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:09 pm

Hello everyone, I have an interesting challenge here.

Backstory: I recently purchased a Flashforge Finder without a heated bed and am having issues getting my white Hatchbox PLA to adhere to it. I use a raft to create a super level bottom surface to my print as they are rotational components that need their rotational axis to be perfectly perpendicular to the bottom surface. At 210°+ the PLA sticks fine to the bed, but the raft welds to the bottom of the print and won't come off despite increasing the raft separation distance. At 200°-205° the part separates from the raft well but the raft curls up from the bed. I'd really like to have the best of both worlds and print just the raft at a higher temperature than the part.

TLDR: Is there a way to set a nozzle temperature that applies just to the raft? I'm familiar with the Variable Settings Wizard but when I try to create a split process, it excluded the raft as it uses the first layer of the part as a reference for zero millimeters, since the raft is only added in after slicing (pic attached).

I'm wondering if there's a way to inject some Starting Script gCode at the beginning, but then how do I lower the temp again after the raft is done printing?

If there's a simple solution I'm overlooking I'll do you all the favor and just bonk myself on the head but my Google-fu so far has turned up zilch.

Thanks all.

Split process excludes raft.JPG

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Re: Raft-specific Nozzle Temperature?

Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:06 am

Thanks for the great suggestion, Brandon! This can already be done in the software by using layer setpoints for your nozzle temperature. Layer 1 and Layer 6 set points should cover the raft and then the part.
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