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radius gap fill

Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:29 pm

ive been using simplify for aboyt 1 year now and have really no grips, its been pretty much perfect once i set up retracts and stuff, i get beauful prints and rarely does one fail that was not my fault..

i have noticed on radiuses or curves (outer layers) that it leaves gaps currently the only way to fix this is to add another process in between processes and change the primary layer height to something smaller like .1 so that is adds layers where the gaps were.. it would awesome if simplify could recognize those gaps when im printing at .2 layer height so that it fills those gaps in the radius without having to add another process...

sometimes in order to fill those gaps, i would have to set a layer height of less than .1 which is really time consuming.. and sometimes i have to lower the primarty layer height to something that is really unrealistic.

for the software tpo just add those layers at .2 would be great...i have tried other options like allow gap fill etc etc ...and it does not work

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