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Profile Test

Sat Mar 09, 2019 4:31 pm

When you're trying to tweak profiles, especially for off-nominal printers, it can be really difficult for a non-expert to know the effects of what they're tweaking, and then I remembered 3D Mark for testing graphics support.

I would hope that the developers of S3D would be well qualified to select or develop a relatively simple profile test - something consisting a few parts that exercise some of the major options (temperature, layer height, infil, rafting/brim settings, etc). Something that would take 5-10 minutes to print.

More importantly, this would provide a great reference point for everyone, and a community focus for common issues (if your S3D test looks like this, you got X wrong or have Y issue).

Actually, if you had "S III D" set infront of a rectangle infront of a detailed item: you get a lot of tests. Supports for the bottom curve of the S, stringing if you put the IIIs close to each other, and the background rectangle would be taller/thicker than the rest so there's room for infill to play, test wall and corner quality, and the last object to check for small detail handling.

Yes, the community has various objects it recommends, but I think a built-in, S3D designed test print would really help S3D and the profile tweaker connect, and soften the learning curve for new users.

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