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Re: Flashforge Creator3

Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:21 am

can anyone help me with configuration of creator 3? I wanna print a lot of pieces of 3 items (in attachments). I got PLA and ABS in Flashprint I got a lot of bugs. I wanna try firstly print in PLA, sometimes the right extruder gets tangled and the whole print is trash, sometimes it detaches from the platform, I decided to use simplify3d I want to load the same PLA in the left and right extruder and print as many elements as possible on the platform in 1 color, using the duplicate or mirror mode.

1. I have to use brim or raft for flat items?
2. And I got frame element with small area to stick with build platform, so same use brim or not?
3. Maybe I have to print separately items (frame and flat items)
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ramka v10.stl
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