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Why I have to return to Slic3r

Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:57 am

Hi all.
I just have tried Simplify3D. But looked like Simplify3D is missed features that are key features for me. I want to write about, may be you will add them in the future.

First of all, to be objective, I want to write, why I want to move from Slic3r to Simplify3D. Slic3r is a buggy and unstable software, sometimes it segfaults when I change parameters, It has not good 3d image. Simplify3D has much better interface to look at 3D model and gcode. And I like it.

But I have a goal to print by PETG on the standard plastic bed on my printer, without warm and any kind of glue. I have some success and I have more ideas how to improve this even more.

Key features (for my goal) of Slic3r that is absent in Simplify3D:
  • Hilbert cure for the bottom layer. May be this is slow, but give the best adhesion to the bed.
  • Octagram Spiral for the upper layer. This is not key feature, but cosmetic. But I very like how it is look at items with central symmetry. :)
  • Slic3r changes the thickness of extrusion in a brim in very unpredictable and buggy way. But I find the set of parameters: nozzle=0.4, first layer width=0.5, brim width=2.1. With such parameters the thickness of extrusion in brim is roughly 1mm and this give good adhesion of the brim. And adhesion of the brim is very (most) important. Of cause, I hope, Simplify3D will assign thickness of extrusion in brim in more predictable way.
  • Slic3r can print a skirt AND a brim. And this is good, because I need a thin and precise brim (~2mm, more is worse, begin curve up), but I need a long enough skirt to get stable temperature of plastic at the tip of the nozzle. First layer I print with 260C, while a normal print temperature for all other layers is 230C. And plastic begin adhesion to the cold bed when it is very hot. Simplify3D can't do such.
  • Slic3r is developing now a such interesting feature: https://github.com/slic3r/Slic3r/issues/4687. It's very important for me too. Previously I draw such brim "ear" directly on a model in OpenScad. Now I use another method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt9vgS ... dex=4&t=0s. Put such brim "ears" manually is "ok" for me. This is just an idea how to improve Simplify3D.
  • Slic3r has the interesting feature of adaptive layer height. I didn't use it often, but this is looking very attractive for a huge items with long print time. Yes, Simplify3D can simulate this by different "processes" in a manual mode, but this is not such convenient.
Yes, Simplify3D has a lot improvements that make it better and attractive, then Slic3r. I just want that Simplify3D will be even more better.

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