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More options of setting different material and quality settings in one profile

Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:33 pm

Right now I'm having issues with customizing one profile for multiple materials, even though technically the option is there to do just that.

Only some settings like bed, nozzle temperature and fan speeds will be saved per material in a profile, however most other settings will not and are "universal" for all materials in a single profile. Same goes for quality settings, certain layer settings like top/bottom/outline layers are independent but first layer height/width/speed is global and will not save per material OR print quality.

I want to have a single profile per printer, and I don't want to clutter my profiles with "Printer #1 PLA", "Printer #1 PETG", "Printer #1 Nylon" etc for every printer when there already exists an option to create material specific settings in profiles, but the issue is only a few options actually are saved for each material. For different materials I'd like to use different retraction distances or speeds, make first layer heights for materials like PETG set to 200% etc etc. Right now if I change retraction, layer options, etc, all of them will apply to all the materials in my profile instead of that specific one.

The desired workflow would be when a new material is created in a profile, that all settings copy over from the currently loaded material and all subsequent changes then are saved to that specific material and not applied globally to all materials in that profile.

I don't understand why the option exists to add material settings to profiles, but only a handful of settings actually work without even an indication which settings are global.

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Re: More options of setting different material and quality settings in one profile

Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:10 pm

Thanks for the feature request. I can definitely see the appeal of this. Extreme tuning of profiles would become much more organized if this were to get implemented. I've documented this request for our development team. I'll be monitoring this thread to gauge additional user interest.
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