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extrusion adjustment taking into account direction changes

Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:50 pm

so, i have noticed on prints even before getting s3d (ps, am i allowed to abbreviatre like this?) that when there are direction changes on the print head, 90degrees or more, there is an extra blob of sorts. this is very noticeable to me when i print brims around my objects. it's noticiable to me right now even more because my 1st layer brim lines are not exactly right and have a tiny gap between them. i know i can solve this by stepping down my nozzle height to close the gap, but for right now i'm doing other tests so will address that later.

but the point is, it looks like the >90 degree direction changes depend on jerk settings and probably accelaration settings. but what i think is happening is that the nozzle will slow down as it approaches the turn, the whip back and start accelaration. it's that point of change on the direction that i think filament is continuing to be pushed out at a rate as though it were a shallow direction change or even strait line.

does this make sense?

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