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First Layer height im mm per Quality Setting

Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:35 pm

Why are the first layer settings independent from the print quality setting?

If I want wo have a 0.2mm heigh layer for all settings, I can't do this if I want to use only one profile.

Please make this setting per print quality and allow us to define it in mm - not percent!


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Re: First Layer height im mm per Quality Setting

Fri Aug 02, 2019 5:21 pm


There is a "manual" trick I am using from day1 which might help you create (MUCH) more customized config. Actually this trick is the only reason I am still using S3D and not cura. In all other aspects, it is inferior.
Unfortunately I haven't found how to do it from the GUI, you need to edit the fff XML.
Disclaimer: I do not remember if I read this trick somewhere or I tried and succeeded on my own. Maybe someone here wrote about it 2 years ago and just copied it.

I attached two of mine to get you started. One unnecessary complicated and one with one single change only from the default.
The 1st layer height inside the quality :)

After the initial import, update/copy works fine from the GUI for the "hacked" settings.

If you edit the file and compare it with a vanilla fff profile you will see that under the autoConfigureQuality path I have inserted firstLayerHeightPercentage that is not there by default.
You need to insert
under all the autoConfigureQuality and it will override the one on the main profile.
You can put the same number in all of them, do not over think it. After you import the file you can edit it from the GUI for each section.

You can export your favorite profile and insert snippets of config under the quality and then re-import it.
But be careful, some options need to be in all child profiles (like the one we are talking about) in order to work.

And also, if you go down that route, you will have to remember and change all these settings for each drop down option.
If you see my 0.4mm profile, If I need a small temp change on my "starting gcode" I must do it for each quality setting, that is 3 or more times !
It is very tedious, do not over-do it.

Does anyone else uses this trick ? Is there a smarter way?
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