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Pause to Embed magnet or nut

Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:20 pm

It has taken me several hours of experimenting to figure out how to add the gcode to pause the printer and move the bed out to allow a magnet to be added to a print. I was never able to get {if layer_num = 14} blah blah blah to work.

Adding "post processing" scripts to do a search/replace is really an odd and non-intuitive solution! (though, I did get it to work). How about some screen options "Pause - at which layer? when you pause where would you like the bed to sit x y " Then when you hit the button, it would know to reheat the nozzle. This isn't that difficult. Frankly I would be thrilled if the {if} statement would work the way you think it would. Instead, it pauses at EVERY layer.

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