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Inverted axis movement - Createbot MAX II

Mon Apr 20, 2020 3:57 pm

Hello! This is my first time in the Simplify3D community. I have been a user of this program for a few years. I own a Createbot Max II printer. As it has an SD reader and a touch screen, I always managed without a USB cable. But in the last few days I set out to investigate the machine further. But the first thing I find is that the manual movements of the Monitor of Simplify3D do not match those of the screen of my printer. If I move the X axis positively on the Simplify Monitor my printer tries to go to the right while the positive X axis movement on my printer monitor is to the Left. And so also with the Z and Y axis. So when I print through the cable it does all wrong. Homming does it correctly. I never had a problem printing Gcodes from SD with Y flipped. My printer has the XYZ Home in the upper right corner. The bed moves from top to bottom. I hope someone knows how to solve it, greetings to all, Rodrigo. :D

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