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Vary the print speed based upon item/component being printed

Wed Jun 10, 2020 8:06 pm

I have been having issues with a print job being ruined because the area being printed really needed to be done at a lower speed. I would imagine that there are spots in print jobs that are well known to be troublesome. I have a print job right now that has 3 holes 3mm in diameter located about 3mm from the edge. On the first layer it will just not want to stick, and just about always gets dragged away, to become some new addition to the next hole. If the slicer could be written to recognize a tedious printing object and slow the printer down to a crawl, or to a speed entered by the user in the slicer settings. What I currently do is try to catch the floating hole and just remove it. On the second layer the circular part gets recreated, and since the base layer has filled the area in around that missing hole, the replacement drops into the empty space and stays this time. If I miss it, its time to restart the print.

This is something that could be a hard coded feature, or, could be something that is definable by the user when setting up the slicer. Maybe allow the user to mark areas that will need to be slowed down. That could be done from the Preview Mode, where each layer is accessible.

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