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Material Shrinkage/Expansion Import Profiles

Mon Dec 28, 2020 3:44 pm

This has been an issue many of you already commented on in the past but I would like to yet again bring it up for consideration.

I only print with two materials at the moment, those two are PLA and PETG. And my printer (MK3S) prints perfect looking parts right out of the box with imported official Prusa profiles. The only issue I'm having is that PLA parts tend to get bigger and PETG parts get smaller than the original CAD model size.

So we are basically talking about shrinkage. And this is pretty easy to fix by just scaling the parts when they are imported to Simplify3D. However it is annoying to have to manually change the percentage between materials.

I know you guys have implemented the "horizontal size compensation" a long time ago but this only changes X and Y, and also it changes them with the same value.

I would like to see selectable shrinkage profiles either when importing files or if you could open up "horizontal size compensation" so every axis could be changed independently.

Could anyone please comment if there is a better way of doing this that I've missed (I don't want to change anything printer firmware wise since it's running percetly) OR, could anyone from Simplify3D explain to me why this/these features couldn't be implemented?

Attached are pictures of my shrink/expansion values that give me a box of 20x20x20mm within ±0.01mm accuracy (Measured with micrometer).
PLA Scaling.PNG
Import Scaling PLA
PLA Scaling.PNG (2.6 KiB) Viewed 869 times
PETG Scaling.PNG
Import Scaling PETG
PETG Scaling.PNG (2.43 KiB) Viewed 869 times

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