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Global Config Export desired - current config is buggy

Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:50 am


1. My current Simplify3D 4.0.1 has corrupted FFF profiles. When I export an FFF file, the FFF file is zero size and Simplify3D CRASHES!
2. I have about 40 Simplify profiles that were hard-won and tuned in the past few years.
3. I'm using a Windows 7 64bit Pro PC.


As a software developer, here's my suggestion:

1. Fix the bugs in Simplify3D before adding NEW features to your product.

There is obviously a memory leak or internal data structure issue here in your configuration data. I found that when I export an uncorrupted FFF profile, the profile is successfully saved. But when I create a new profile from the uncorrupted profile, the new profile is corrupt and exports with size=0.

2. Add a "Global Profile Export" to the menu of Simplify3D.

3D printing profiles (e.g. FFF data) is the most essential component of your software, right? Most users have dozens or hundreds of profiles. The profiles are tuned often over months.

So why not add a feature that allows a user to export ALL FFF profiles with a single click of a button.
The FFF files should be stored as individual text files, exactly like the current FFF files.
So it will be easy to implement.

Currently, when I export my FFF profiles, I have to do these steps 40 times since I have 40 FFF profiles!!!
File | Export FFF
Select a profile in the dropdown list.
Click OK button to save FFF file to directory.
Repeat above steps until ALL FFF profiles are saved.

Currently this is a horrendous experience for everyone.
Simplify needs a single click - global FFF profile export feature.

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Re: Global Config Export desired - current config is buggy

Mon Jan 04, 2021 12:13 pm

Thanks for the feedback. I believe our customer support team may be able to help with the specific issue you mentioned.
Please contact our support team for further assistance with recovering from a corrupted profile save.

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