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Desire FFF Profiles Ease of Use - Sort, Scrollable window, etc.

Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:39 am

The FFF profiles are the most essential part of Simplify3D, right? People spend months tuning and creating dozens or hundreds of unique 3D print profiles. As a product developer I know and live this experience.

So why do the FFF profiles seem like an afterthought in Simplify3D?

Here are my suggestions:

Sort the FFF Profiles in a drop down list.

Something as basic as sorting does not exist in Simplify. What gives. As a result, a user cannot readily find a desired profile in a list of dozens or hundreds of profiles.

Add alpha-numeric sorting to profile names in the GUI.
Optional: Add group attributes or filtering to profiles, so profiles can be grouped together e.g. for a specific printer, nozzle diameter, temperature, etc. Example: Group=Nozzle_060mm and GUI lists all profiles with nozzle=0.60mm dia.

Increase ease of use for Simplify's FFF Profiles
I should not have to observe my 40 FFF profiles in a tiny, unsorted, dropdown list.
This is truly pathetic.

Create a list within a window with a scrollbar. Each item in the list is an FFF profile name. This allows a user to readily see a large group of profiles and access any profile with ease.

People want basic, ease of use features!!! They do not want exotic features that a few people use.

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Re: Desire FFF Profiles Ease of Use - Sort, Scrollable window, etc.

Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:50 am

Great idea! I can only image how much easier the software would become to use with something like this implemented. I've documented your interest in this existing feature request and noted that you have some more detailed views on how to implement it. Our developers will review this.
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