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top layer appearance/stl icon view/multi-machine/ironing

Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:39 pm

Here is my wish list for now.

1. Top Layer Appearance. Your print job is almost complete and it just laid a beautiful top layer. It has a view things to complete and it drags the print head right over what it just printed marking a line right through that once perfect, beautiful top layer. Can we do something to help with this. I know there is z hop. But, I truly don't want to z hop through my entire object. Can we just z hop on top layers? Or some other method?

2. STL icon view. I know there is a way to show the actual object in the icon view in Windows. Repetier used to do this for me years ago. Can you implement this?

3. Better Multi-Machine support. I know there are profiles within Simply3D, but there are shot comings. Maybe, I'll provide further details on this one later.

4. I would love to see Ironing supported in Simplify3D like Cura has.

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