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update or replace STL model file

Sat Mar 27, 2021 1:18 pm

Please add a feature like "update STL model" and or "replace STL model" to quickly replace a or update an stl file with a new version of the same file or a different file.

Scenario 1: I often import a file, do a print preview, find a problem, change something in the CAD file, and then import and arrange it again to check the improvement. Then do it all again with another change. Sometimes I have the model placed at a different height to do a test print with start at xx height and stop at xx height. So I have to this again with the new stl model file. Then I have to edit the process to use the new model.

>>> proposed workflow >>> do a right click on the model, get a contextural menu item: "update model STL file". Simplify reloads the file from the previous location or asks for its location.

>>> effect >>> the STL file gets reimported at the same coordinates and the process is updated.

Scenario 2:
I print different parts for the same project, each multiple times in specific locations, with sequential printing, so the hot end does not collide with previously printed instances.
A week later I do a small change in the CAD files. A tedious and unsatisfying process starts: import two different files, duplicate each multiple times, place them in the correct spots, edit between 4 and 12 processes to use the new models, delete the old models.

>>> proposed workflow >>> right click on a model and select a contextural menu item "replace model". (alternative: select one or four models and click in a menu entry under edit "replace") Simplify asks for the location for the new files.

>>> effect >>> the new STL file replaces the old ones at the same coordinates. The processes are updated.

This workflow would have three improvements:
1. time saving
2. fewer repetitive tasks
3. fewer mistakes (placing the new file in a wrong position, mixing up the sequence, putting the model in the wrong process...)
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replace the model files

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