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Filament usage tracking

Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:10 am

Hey fantastic Simplify3d developers!

It would be amazing if Simplify3d had the capability to track your filament usage. I could imagine it like this:

New "Filament management" menu, that allows you to add new rolls of filament, answer questions like colour, material (available as drop down or custom option with the ability to enter a specific density) and weight.

Simplify3d then calculates the estimated filament length based on weight and a predefined density (eg 1.04 g/cm^3 for ABS).

In the Process menu you should be given the option to associate a certain roll of filament with the process. Each time you then print something (provided you use simplify3d to drive the printer) Simplify3d subtracts the estimated filament (based on the generated gcode) used from the stored roll value.

If you click "print" using a roll associated with the process that has estimated less material on it than required for the print, Simplify3d should pop up a warning. This would allow us to make sure we get the most of our filament without starting a print that fails at 90%...

What do you reckon?

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Re: Filament usage tracking

Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:45 pm


This would be a fantastic addition. Although it would probably be more of an estimation than anything.

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