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More Effective Prime Pillar

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:47 pm
by inventabuild
I noticed that the Ooze Shield gives a much cleaner seam on the part than the Prime Pillar. I don't attribute this all to the Ooze Shield being a little closer to the part for the travel move. I'm speculating that wiping the nozzle in a more or less straight or slightly curved path like one gets with the Ooze Shield will wipe the nozzle better than wiping it in a tight little zig-zag pattern in a corner of the Prime Pillar which is the way S3D wipes the nozzle on the Prime Pillar.

My speculation comes from the fact that KISSlicer uses a round prime pillar and it seems to wipe the nozzle better than S3D does with its square Prime Pillar; although I offer another possible reason KISSlicer does a better job below.

I'd like to see S3D either wipe the nozzle around the perimeter of the square Prime Pillar or offer a Round Prime Pillar to wipe filament off the nozzle like KISSlicer does. Of course S3D would have to make the Round Prime Pillar more solid than KISSlicer does since KISSlicer only uses one outline in its Prime Pillar which is not enough to purge a hot end like the e3d Cyclops (unless you want to fill the whole build plate with a 1 outline Prime Pillar)

Furthermore offering user defined (as in larger) wipe distances for the Prime Pillar / Ooze shield vs the part will help give better cleaner wipes during the travel moves from the Prime Pillar / Ooze Shield to the part. For example I notice KISSlicer wipes its round Prime Pillar a default distance which is always greater than the wipe setting I choose for the nozzle.

I'm open to suggestion here.

Re: More Effective Prime Pillar

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:05 pm
by KC_703
I noticed something similar and have not just resorted to printing just the ooze shield, foregoing the prime pillar. It seems to be something to do with the travel speed and distance of the prime pillar to the object.

The problem with just the ooze shield, is the priming of the hotend. I believe the "Extra Restart Distance" parameter in the Extruder tab would help this. In one of the videos its mentioned that a negative value will help prime the tool... that's my next experiment so that I can achieve a solid ooze shield.

Re: More Effective Prime Pillar

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:54 pm
by inventabuild
Both positive and negative "Extra Restart Distance" negatively affects my prints and can lead to other problems too.

The best solution is to have the hot end wipe the perimeter of the prime pillar like it does on the ooze shield and to offer separate wipe distances for the prime pillar, ooze shield and the part.

Thanks anyway for trying to help.