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Multiple Prime Towers

Wed May 11, 2016 11:44 am

Currently the software alternates every other layer when using 2 extruders with a prime tower.
This can cause restart issues on really long layers.

We need the ability to prime both nozzles on each layer.
If there were a prime tower dedicated to each nozzle it would solve these issues.

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Re: Multiple Prime Towers

Wed May 11, 2016 2:37 pm

And , to wipe when restart , when long layer , the second extruder burn the materials and when restarting , the white abs is black , and make a big blob

And another option , is to stop the prime tower , and stop heating of the extruder not used , for clean dual extrusion

And another option named ' ULTRA CLEAN DUAL EX ' , in this mode , the other extruder must be cooled in a low temp for no dirty print or mixed material ' the print' will be very long , but , it's just to have a perfect dual

and more , and more , and more

DUAL EXTRUSION ENGINE NOT FINISH , see my post ' wishlist for devellopers ' your problem is listed

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Re: Multiple Prime Towers

Tue May 17, 2016 12:22 am

I don't understand how priming both extruders would help? The unused or sparsely used hotend would still burn the filament if that's causing your restart issues. If designing the dual extruded object, use the unused hotend to make up the infill to keep the filament flowing. Sorry if I don't understand the "restart issues" quite fully. :)

As for discoloration of the second filament after a long layer, it should be caught on the prime tower? If not, try using the ooze shield in conjunction with the prime tower. If the ooze shield ends up "leaning" and interfering with the print, try a second outline to act as support for the shield.

Adding a feature to cool/heat unused hotend would be interesting. But sounds difficult to implement properly for every machine type. Ensuring the hotend gets up to the right temp would be challenging. Brainstorming.... a secondary "cooling" temp could be implemented, then a reverse "coast" could be used to time when to heat back up. I guess a "pause" could help with heating... but I'd prefer to have a continuous print.

Currently, I either manually shut down the unused hotend or "program" the temps into the process... or use multiple processes. Would be nice to have it automated, but I'm not holding my breath. :)

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Re: Multiple Prime Towers

Sun May 22, 2016 4:39 pm

The multiple tower is not needed for me

I'm talking about bug of the software , because , this soft use only one tower and in this case , THE SOFTWARE MUST BE INTELLIGENT AND PERFECT , but not perfect and need to be released

The software don't respect the tool change in dual extrusion , and sometimes we have the restard in the midlle of the print ,

I can give you a proof , i have made a dual yesterday , the software is not FINISHED ! , BIG BLOB on the tower , big blob on the midlle of printed area

But , i know the developer will make a fix

I'm sure , they make the version 4.0 , because too much time passed since the last release

The version 4.0 will have intelligent support , intelligent dual extrusion

Too much time we wait , the develloper want to make money to pay the wasted time so i think , there is A BIG NEW RELEASE that will come soon

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Re: Multiple Prime Towers

Tue May 24, 2016 9:46 am

I really hope to see this futur 4.0 version.

For now, the dual extrusion process is not good with simplify 3D.

First, there is no retraction between the part and the prime pillar if the option to "retract only when crossing open space" is activated.

Secondly, because the prime pillar is printed only by the tool which will be use. So if you don't need to print the second extruder before a lot of a layers, this second extruders could be clog (mainly with PVA)

Third, if you want to create 2 process, for example when you don't need dual extrusion and prime pillar all along your print. There is a bug with the prime pillar wich is only print by the first tool (of course, I checked "All extruders")

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