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Feature for Selective Changing Suppport direction X to Y

Sun May 15, 2016 11:44 am

A great feature would be to have the direction of the support material change from either the X direction to the Y direction. I am printing Speaker rounds with a 3/4" thin over hang on the outside. Where the support material goes perpendicular to the round edge the support is strong, where it goes parallel to the edge of the round or circle it is weak and shrinkage occurs and I get deforming. If the Supports can keep perpendicular to an edge/over hang, Prints would be more successful, Also removal of supports are easier where the material is perpendicular to an edge when an thin overhang is involved. So you would get two benefits from this option, stronger supports for thinner overhangs and easier removal. If you could have a feature to be able to select areas to change direction of the support material and have those areas change from a X to a Y direction that would be awesome. Or even a simple select option for supports to remain Perpendicular to an edge based on the X or y direction of the edge it comes in contact with.

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Re: Feature for Selective Changing Suppport direction X to Y

Mon May 16, 2016 11:56 pm

Hmm.... interesting. If the supports are too sticking too well, try increasing the separation parameters. A .3 horizontal separation works well for me. For the upper/lower separation, specify a the number of layers to achieve ~.3. For a fine layer height of .1, try 2 layers (since 3 layers may sag)... YMMV

Applying dense support layers may help also. WIth the dense layer support, you're essentially printing a "platform".

A 45 degree support angle could help... but really tweaking the separation should help the most.

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