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Split an object and Print parts based on Scale!

Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:00 pm

I want to second the suggestion of a split printing feature, but with an addition. I am quite aware that one can 'sink' a part below the print table and print only that piece of the part.

Rather than printing "only a piece," I would like to see a function that references a model, holds a user defined scale, and splits a model up into sections based on the size of your printable area. The function would then distribute the parts across the table so that parts fit together without a seam.

Another version of this would be - how many parts do you want this part split and in which direction.

The user should be able to determine print direction, etc, possibly add division planes to suggest a point where the user wants the model split.

In the end, a model could be scaled up and split by the system with perfect edges.

(If the software already does this, I apologize and wish someone would point me to the proper documentation.


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