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[ADDED] Smarter Multiprocess & Spiral mode options

Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:35 pm

S3D simply prevents me from using spiral mode with multiple processes, period. I wish it were smarter on the lock-out, since I'd like to be able to:

1) do spiral mode between certain heights, switching to a non-spiral process for different height segments.
2) sequence spiral builds, building spiral parts one at a time, doing each new build away from the previous part where the carriage won't hit.

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Re: Smarter Multiprocess & Spiral mode options

Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:33 am

These features have both been added in the new 4.0 version of the software.

1) Vase mode now supports multiple processes, so you can easily transition from using vase mode at certain heights, to a non-spiral mode for other heights. You can see an example of this near the very bottom of this page:
https://www.simplify3d.com/software/rel ... ion-4-0-0/

2) The new version also added support for continued sequential printing, even when you have multiple processes for a single model. So you can now use sequential printing with vase mode to improve the print quality.

Thanks for the great suggestions!

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