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[ADDED] Multiple processes - top & bottom solid layers

Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:18 pm

When setting up multiple processes, it would be nice if the top & bottom solid surface settings could be set separate from the border layer between processes. Meaning, if you set up 3 processes that will print sequentially, the start layer and end layers of each process would ignore the solid top & bottom layer settings. This way, you can have seamless transitions between processes without creating solid layers at the start and end of each process.

Most of the time I set up multiple processes, I have to go in an set "0 top solid layers" in the first process, then set "0 bottom solid layers" for the next process. Now usually this if fine, but if you have top or bottom surfaces that fall inside these processes, you don't get them and it ruins the part.
It would be nice to have top & bottom solid surfaces where needed but the boundary between processes will print just perimeters and infill as if were a single process. Does that make sense? So no solid surfaces are printed at the start or end of a process making it seamless no matter what the top & bottom solid layers are set to. THEN, it's easier to just copy & paste processes and the only thing you need to change is the start and end printing height and whatever other settings you need to change but you don't have to touch the top & bottom solid layer settings at all as those will carry through the entire print and not effect the boundary between layered processes.

I realize you can just leave the top & bottom layers as they are and let them print between the processes but most of the time there is a faint visible line where those solid layers are in the print.

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Re: Multiple processes regarding top & bottom solid layers..

Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:56 am

Agreed! This would have been very useful.

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Re: Multiple processes regarding top & bottom solid layers..

Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:08 am

This feature has now been added in Version 4.0! With the new version, the top and bottom solid layer settings now only affect the actual top and bottom of the model. This makes it much easier to use multiple processes for your models, and you won't have any unnecessary solid layers between processes.

The change is automatic, so if you setup a multi-process print in Version 4.0, you should see the exact behavior you were looking for

Thank you for the suggestion!

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