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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:23 pm

gcodestat integrates with Simplify3D and allow you to
Calculate print time accurately (acceleration, max speed, junction deviation all taken into consideration)
Embed M117 codes into G-Code
Upload your G-Code directly to Octoprint
open source and unlicence

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:39 pm

Is there any way to track what features are being worked on for the next version?
I think everyone on the forum would be interested in knowing the answer to this question!
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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:30 pm

Yes, very.

I brought this program (finally) a month ago after hearing all about it constantly on the 3D Printing Today podcast.

It immediately proved its worth by giving me the support control I needed.

But between dkightley and the most recent podcast, I'm instantly concerned that I paid money for something that's not going to be supported well over the next year as I try to broaden it's reach and use it for my other 2 printers.

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:45 pm

I second this idea. I have literally used over an hour removing automatically generated supports on large complex models. Sometimes I have the choice between using over an hour generating supports by hand or generating auto and then for more than an hour removing it again at the places I don't want it.

This feature would make Simplify3D get back it's position of "best supports generation" slicer in the market.

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:01 pm

Great idea! +1

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:45 pm

I'm very surprised this thread hasn't received more "+1" responses. I think this feature should be implemented ASAP. I can't tell you how many times I've had to waste 10-20 minutes painstakingly removing automatically generated supports one at a time, cursing under my breath and thinking, "Why the heck don't they have a feature that makes this easier?!"

That said, I really don't expect the folks at Simplify3D to add this feature because they've never added any feature I've considered important and suggested since I purchased the software several years ago. When I first started using it, I considered Simplify3D to be, by far, the best slicer available, but they've done virtually nothing to improve the software since then.

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:35 am

I now noticed I had forgotten to add my voice to this request (so consider this a +1). It would be a highly useful feature if it had been implemented, but as other users also express, I am worried about the lack of any updates or progress reports from S3D.

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Fri May 05, 2017 1:48 pm

C'mon devs, it's really easy to turn this company around, instead of staying silent to the criticism. Just start engaging us and working on some features, instead of new printer support profiles and language translations. We know you're reading this stuff...

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Sun May 07, 2017 8:21 am

I would rather see something like a paintbrush used to paint the model with where you do want supports rather than removing them all after the fact.
Along with this I would like to see a halo or ghost of the actual supports as it will be simulated or the auto reopening of the support panel when you have to switch between it and the simulation multiple times.

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Re: Remove "Lasso" for Supports

Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:01 pm

Any chance this can start to be integrated and tested into the program now that V4 is out of the way? I'm a year plus of using this program and still having to mindlessly click away 90% of my support structures!

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