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First layer extrusion multiplier

I have done a lot of experimenting with the best way to ensure first layer adhesion (Lulzbot TAZ 6). I have found the options in the Simplify3D code very flexible, and allowed me to try may options - including slightly lowering the Z axis to force the filament into the bed, having different bed temptation forfeits layer, and simply printing layer 1 200% thickness.

Of all of these, the most successful to date has involved deliberately feeding more material for first layer, in my case a multiplier of 1.75, but not changing the layer thickness. This has two effects - firstly it seems to ensure good adhesion, and secondly it forces the layer to appear very flat and smooth when removed from the bed rather than showing the gaps between each fill path.

I have had to set this up using two process stages, one for first layer and one from 0.2mm onwards. It would be nice if there was a simply first layer extrusion multiplier option in the Layer menu so this can be done without having to set up two processes.
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Re: First layer extrusion multiplier

If you have to use an extrusion multiplier of 1.75 to avoid gaps between the lines on the first layer, then the nozzle is definitely starting too far away from the bed. So instead of creating multiple processes, I would just continue to lower the global Z-axis offset in S3D and if your TAZ has auto-leveling, maybe also check that the firmware offset is not set to something large (since that would cause you to use an even higher negative z-axis offset in S3D).

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