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Dual Extrusion Support

Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:32 pm

I'm trying to print a model in two colors, bottom half is one color and top half another. It requires one support beam, but once it gets to the other color, the support beam slowly starts to fade away and doesn't reach the top of my part like its supposed to. It would make sense to print the support beam using the extruder that is being used for bottom color.

It would be cool to be able to set the support extruder to "Both", that way once the other color is done it can continue printing the support beam in the new color.

I'm not entirely sure why its doing this. When I swap the support extruder and set it to use the extruder that prints the top color, support beam comes out fine, beggining of part's ooze shield goes layer by layer for colors, but parts comes out crappier due to it printing the other color just for the tiny support beam, no reason to purge and retract so many times. When Its set to use the bottom colors extruder, once it reaches the color swap, it doesn't print the ooze shield using both extruders for some reason like it does when I have it set the other way around. I think that is why it stop printing thr support beam at a certian point because its just using the one extruder for the ooze shield and the support beam extruder now doen't have a chance to purge and retract nd just relies on what is sitting in the extruder the rest of the part. Hope this makes sense.

Basically, don't know why it's doing this and would be cool to set support to both extruders, would be helpful for dual color prints.

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