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Supports From Model Surface - Adaptive Bottom Contours

Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:00 pm

Version 4.0 seems like a great release overall but the ONE thing I was really wanting didn't make it in. Can we please get the ability for supports to contour to match the shape of your model on the bottom of each pillar? The way it works now the contact point is only at the very corner where each column intersects the model which creates problematic overhangs and support material being deposited into the air thus causing many other issues which arise from this. The only work around is to make your support pillars stupid small (like 0.5mm or less on detailed models) but it seems like just allowing the bottoms of the pillars to adapt to the shape of the model surface like they do for the upper surface would make a lot more sense.

Due to this I pretty much model my own supports in other programs for things like character busts and such since these pillar limitations just create a huge headache.


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