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Continuous Perimeter Around Multiple Models

Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:44 am

I'm trying to print a model that needs different infill densities in different XY regions. As best I can tell, the multiple process settings can only be setup for different Z regions. To workaround this, I have split my model into different pieces and then aligned them properly within Simplify3D.

(Changing the orientation of the model to turn the XY region into a Z region isn't possible without adding a huge amount of support, which I don't want to do.)

If all of the parts of the model are printed with the same process, Simplify3D prints them all as a single model. This is great!

However, once I change the process for one of the parts, then they are printed independently. In particular, each part gets its own perimeter shells, meaning that there will be a seam on the outside of the model where it was split.

I understand the need for an interior wall for the infill to butt up against (since they are different densities, they won't line up). But I'd like Simplify3D to be able to create a single, continuous perimeter shell around the entire model (i.e. one outermost shell around all parts).

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