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Reduce speed for small lines / details below X mm

Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:38 am

When running fast, small details tend to get borked preeeetty bad. They can be in several areas so its a bit waste to set the entire layer running slowly.

Simple idea:
If doing long lines, keep at it, at full speed but when small lines and details are coming up, reduce speed to a set-%
Also and option to do this for small infills would be nice. Small areas tend to get poorly infilled when running at maximum speeds.

Would also be a good idea do give an option to reduce coasting distance in these cases by set amount, up to 100 so coasting wont remove entire details. 3mm screw-holes were totally left out when i set my coasting too high trying to avoid blobs.

Example: Most of my prints are big, so i run my printer at its maximum speed. Many have writing on the outer surface. Running those details sloooowly would make em look so much better. Rest are simple long lines and big curves so might as well pick up some speed.

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