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Choose own prime tower in any color

Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:32 am

Today , no software are ready for multicoloring , just Slic3r prusa i3 , but this version need to modify ' fw retract , and have some limitations of nozzles '
I suggest an idea , to have the possibility to have our own tower and in any color we want , but for this , the devs must make something for us
Prime tower ' smart functionnality
A choosen STL file ' that will be the prime tower ' is placed on the plate , can be moved , scaled in any size to be what we need to have the perfect volume for purging extruders. Can be and object or a single cubic , but if it's an object it will have a good shape to be used for priming , a mountain is not good for example
-The STL file can be set with perimeters and fill
-The STL file will be divided in a number or area depending of the number of extruder , each area is a slot for priming/purging
-The slicer slice them but with some conditions
-The STL is always print before layers !!!
-If a layer finish , the current tool must update all no leveled zone of the STL in totality
-If a tool change appears the purge is made on a free area

With this system

All material is used to make an OBJECT !! Yeah ! But folkloric colors and dirty outlines
But in reality we will use only cubic !!! because no object compatible with priming
we can use the tools for scaling and moving ' no need of programmation'
we can stop the prime at the height we need if color dont change at a certain level
We are full compatible with an illimited numbers of colors or extruders
Multicolor priming is not easy to code , but with my system all is simplified and will be a standart for the future

No multicolor priming system exist now , and it's not easy to make this , but with my system , the development is simplified , all the tools are already made ,it's a little job


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