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A better FFF Settings viewer/sharer

Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:32 pm

As of right now, we can export the settings used in the prints to a .xml file

that being said, that format is really bad if you want, for example, show it in a facebook group or forum to ask for help or show something, which leads to cumbersome workarounds, like print screening EVERY SINGLE TAB for each process.

I'd like to ask for an option or external program that would translate portions of the xml file to a document better for human readin (a pdf, a single image, a text document, etc), with all the names and values categorized easy to identify ).

If i can be even more spoiled, it'd be amazing if we could choose which settings we were sharing and which preset (for example, imagine i only want to share some options for my PLA/0.2mm settings preset)

Thank you kindly

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