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[ADDED] Profile Adjustments for Filament Control

Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:44 am

I know that it has ben requested in the past again, but I will request almost the same thing in a different way.
Yesterday I upgraded to 2.1 and I noticed that the "Auto-Configure for Material" and "Auto Configured for Quality" are missing from the custom profiles.
So I decided to play with the profile (.fff) file, which actually is an XML file. So basically there are 2 sections controlling the enabling of the auto configuration features.
</autoConfigureMaterial> and </autoConfigureQuality>. In these sections you can adjust what ever you want from the existing parameters by specifying the name and the value of the parameter. I give an example:

<autoConfigureMaterial name="PLA">
<setpoint layer="1" speed="0"/>
<setpoint layer="1" speed="65"/>

This approach for handling profiles is very powerful and has many potentials, but it was a drawback...
It is very limited to a number of configuration combinations, and this is due to the radio button style of selection method, which in my opinion is a very bad choice of control.

So here comes my request/suggestion.
- I will start with the easy one. Why don't you make them drop down lists, so that anyone can add as many Quality and Material profiles he/she likes.
- Add a third section and call it </autoConfigurefilament> (Again as a drop down list of course) and this great feature of XML style profile will be perfect. Judging from the already existing features you have, this should not be difficult to implement.
- Optionally, not so critical, it would be nice to have a Speed Control section, but I can live without it.

In the 3D printing world being able to have filament profiles is very important. Of course there is always the option to create separate profiles (.fff files) for each filament, but this is not efficient at all. The parameters changing from filament to filament is usually the temperature an the extrusion multiplier. So why have a profile with tens of parameters while I just need to adjust 2. Having them as configuration features in the profile is the way to go.
A simple addition (development wise) which will make the users very happy.

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Re: Feature Request: Profile Adjustments for Filament Contro

Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:23 pm

Great discovery.

When you export the default file, it doesn't export the autoConfigure settings for whatever material/speed you have selected, so make sure you fill those sections out if you want to be able to switch back and forth. Also, if you add any settings to an autoConfigure section, like infillLayerInterval for high quality, for example, make sure you add an appropriate value to the other sections as well so that it changes back when you switch between different settings. Any setting that doesn't appear in an auto configure section gets left at the same value it was before, so if you change it in one and not in the others you may be in for a surprise. It seems you can add any setting you wish into an autoConfigureQuality section; haven't tested the autoConfigureMaterial section to see if that's true there as well.

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Re: Feature Request: Profile Adjustments for Filament Contro

Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:18 pm

Thank you for the tips. I actually noticed that while I was playing around with the XML file. So I have the exact same parameters for all the autoConfigure settings with the appropriate values. I don't even bother to export the profile, I am just editing the XML file and add what ever I want there. And yes, it works for materials too.

One more thing I noticed is that you can also change the names to what ever you like, and you can even add more, or less, selections. For instance you can add a 4th Quality autoConfigure setting and name it "High 2", or remove the rest of the materials that are not used (like PVA). You are only limited to the space that the Radio buttons are designed to fit in.
That is why I am suggesting the drop down list.

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Re: Feature Request: Profile Adjustments for Filament Contro

Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:17 pm

I must say, I really love the current XML system for creating material and quality settings. It's very flexible. :D I like the fact that all parameters can be included in an autoConfigureMaterial section. I found when using flexible filament, that I needed to control a lot more parameters than just temperature and extrusion multiplier.

I like the radio buttons for material and quality settings. Having a drop down list for materials can be a bit inconvenient sometimes. I find that I usually use about 2 different kinds of materials. But I have used more than what fits on the screen. I think having an "Other" type radio button that has a drop down list when you run out of space might be nice. That gives you the best of both worlds: the convenience of a radio button for your commonly used settings, and an "Other" drop down for all the rest.

For example, on my laptop's screen I can fit about 5 material types before it starts running out of space. The materials that I don't use very often could be on the last radio button which is a drop down list. Like this:

* ABS * PLA * NinjaFlex * Nylon * [drop down list]

If I only had 2 materials, then I would just see 2 radio buttons and no drop down. As soon as my materials list grows to more than 5, then I would get an "Other" type of radio button which is a drop down list on the right as the last option replacing the 5th radio button.

The order in which they appear from left to right would just be the order that they are defined in the profile's XML file. That way I could put my more commonly used materials as the first 4 materials in my XML file so that they have devoted single click radio buttons, while all the rest get put into the 5th "Other" radio button drop down list.

The same thing could apply for Print Quality.

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Re: Feature Request: Profile Adjustments for Filament Contro

Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:19 am

I have created a profile for printing NinjaFlex but I haven't been able to figure out how to create an auto-configure for this filament (since there's only PLA, ABS, NYLON, etc in the radio button list).

I know I can save it and select it from the drop down list, but is there a way to alter the stock FFF file settings?

Also, can someone post some screenshot or code of how you're changing these auto-configure settings? I've opened an exported FFF file and I see the Auto-configure section, but I'm curious to see which settings you can put in there, etc...

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Re: Feature Request: Profile Adjustments for Filament Contro

Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:07 am

Version 3.0 now uses a drop down list for these options and makes it much easier to add your own. You can also easily customize each section, for example, if you wanted to change your speed settings depending on what material you are using.

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