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G-Code tab - per "machine" not per "profile"

Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:08 pm

Don't know if this would be useful for "general public" but I sure could benefit from it big time. I run multiple printers and while most of the settings on them are same the "G-Code" tab is different for each printer, namely "Global G-Code Offsets" (Z-axis only) and build volume (x,y,z axis). I don't really see the point to link G-Code tab to each profile or material, there should be something like "built plate" dropdown and these offsets and volumens should be part of that system. Image you have a single printer but you have different built plates, for e.g.
  • Perforated pertinax (default UP! build plate) - 3mm thick
  • Vitroplast (very good build surface, holds most materials perfectly when hot, requires higher bed temp then any other material I know) 1.6mm thick,
    1.8mm thick, 2mm thick
  • 4mm regular window glass (works ok with hairspray or pva glue)
  • 3mm borosilicate glass (waste of money)
  • 5mm sitall glass (crazy good surface)
  • 2mm alu sheet with printbite glued to it (best print surface I ever tried)
  • ...
so you have 5+ thicknesses of print plates you use on same printer, I for e.g. handle this trough global g-code offset for z-axis, would be cool to have that in drop down and not have notepad table and copy / paste non stop :(
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