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Profile for TAZ 5 with Dual Extruder v3

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:47 am
by mcamou

It's probably too soon, but... could we have a profile for the TAZ 5 with the Dual Extruder v3?


Re: Profile for TAZ 5 with Dual Extruder v3

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:55 am
by mcamou
OK, I think I have one (not tested yet, though). Based on the Dualstruder v2 profile, changing the toolhead offsets and the names of the extruders, adding my own start/end gcode scripts, and some other changes. Again, this is untested, so YMMV.

Re: Profile for TAZ 5 with Dual Extruder v3

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:25 am
by mcamou
There were some mistakes and I did some fine tuning. I've tested this using dual extrusion and it works. Note that Lulzbot's Marlin does not have the hotend offsets built-in, so you'll have to enter the following commands via whatever printer control software you use (I use OctoPrint's Terminal window):

M218 T1 X13.00 Y0.00 ; Set the second extruder offset
M500 ; Save parameters in EEPROM

To check the current value, use the M503 command.

Re: Profile for TAZ 5 with Dual Extruder v3

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:52 am
by Aha
Thank you for your post on this. So others can find it and I can request some help, here's my modification to your code for the Taz 6 v3 print head.

WARNING, it's still NOT complete!

I need some expert help and tuning on it, here are the major errors (aside from the minor ones like oozing):
1. The start gcode improperly dodges the first probe head that is sticking up now because of the addition when installing the v3. Because of this, the tool heads CRASH and GRIND on it at the start of print. I tried adding some lift and dodge code that didn't fix it.
2. The tool heads CRASH and GRIND on the print bed. Z offset is wrong. I finally got it tuned to work in cura and the firmware (now -1.550 vs the original -1.2 and they suggest -1.2 to -1.4, though that could be different per machine I suppose), but S3D doesn't work right with it, not sure why! I was going to just start figuring it out using z offset on the global offset settings in s3d, starting with z offset at +2 and working backwards, but haven't yet.

Note that you need to set your own offsets in the machine control panel. This is left extruder at -6.5 y and right extruder at + 6.5 y. Because of the crashing and grinding I haven't seen if there are any adjustments to that needed (hopefully not, as that might mean I slightly broke my heads)

Minor things needing fixing:
-The start gcode taken from lulzbot cura changes the original retraction of a crazy 45 mm to less - but the retraction and priming needs to be better.
-s3d takes all of the stay hot, warm, etc temps to mean that the temp should be put to full, so the probe temps now jump to 200 (my full on temp atm) and it oozes while probing. A bunch of tiny details could be taken from the official Taz profiles and probably set probing and other temps (interesting that the cura profiles look more to 140, whereas the s3d sets it to 170 and I get some oozing that way).

Any help would be helpful, even if it's to take this profile and build a better one from it, I'd be happy! I'm hating needing to use cura and want to get back to s3d ASAP!!!!!