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Nozzle Airplane movement mode

Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:09 am

I print a lot of really thin walled stuff. But I have a lot of stringing and z-blobs. Retraction helps a bit with stringing, but z-hop worsens it. And I need z-hop to prevent hitting other objects on the bed.

What I notice when printing, is that when the z-axis is being moved, the x & y are not moving at all. This causes stringing (especially with PETG) and because the x/y is static, the heat of the nozzle makes it mark on that part of the print.
Would it be possible to keep the x and y axis moving while doing a z-hop? A bit like an airplane takes off and lands instead of the helicopter take off/landing the nozzle does now? This way, we can prevent a nozzle burn mark on my single extrusion walls (because the x/y keeps moving during z movements) and maybe combined with a wipe & retraction, stringing is minimised even more.

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