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Feature Request - Custom Command Panel

Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:43 am

I've asked about this before in emails to Support, with no response, so hence this post. Why is the Custom Commands Panel only about 3 customisable macros, I could use a lot more, and this feature is enabled in Printer Host, Matter Control & Print Run too.
For example, some printers don't need 4 SD card buttons, and I don't have a Disable Motors function either, so this area is wasted, and I could use this to add extra functionality. I cannot be the only one. :)

You could even have drop downs for SD card functions from an common SD card button, likewise toggle motors on or off.

Anybody else like to see this expanded.

Another little 2¢, is it possible to have a GCode window in the Jog Controls Tab, I've got around this by using two Macros, so that the extrusion controls work with one of my "supported" printers

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More Macro Buttons

Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:49 pm

Can we please have at least 3 more macro buttons?
I run a delta printer and have configured the existing 3 macro buttons to move my print head 1mm off the bed, and directly in front of each tower to speed up manual bed leveling. That leaves no more macro buttons for other functions. Each of the existing buttons represent each tower placement of the print head.

Because the existing pause button only pauses the print, I would like to assign an addition macro button to stop extruding, retract, lift 5mm and move to the edge of the bed to prevent blobs and/or excessive melted plastic where the print head paused at.

Really, the pause button should do this automatically but a macro would help in this area.
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