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Feature Request -Documentations of Parameters !

Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:14 pm

Unix admin here! You need man pages on all the parameters so we know what changing them will do to the print. How they interact and what you can expect by increasing or decreasing them. Your tips of the day are good but far from complete and not updated with new things that are added.. If this were opensource I could understand it, but a paid product needs to be fully documented and kept up to date as new version come out. Tool tips point out he obvious most of the time and do not really help.

I get that this is not plug and play, but to provide parameters without the documentation that gives detailed usage, how can one expect to use those parameters successfully. We should not need to waste hours experimenting trying to understand what you meant a parameter to do, then to post and find out that it does not work correctly.. very frustrating and inefficient.


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