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Automatic Sequential Printing along Specified Axis

Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:01 pm

So, I have a feature request that I think would be EXTREMELY useful. Here it is:

As of right now, you can import multiple STL's/models but when you go to print them, it prints all of them at the same time, one layer at a time.

There currently IS a way to print sequentially (1 model at a time instead of all at once) but this requires you to create a new process for each model that you want to print, go into "select models" in the process, deselect all models and only select the model you want to print, and you better have them named correctly, otherwise you may not know which piece is where and you may end up crashing your nozzle onto a print.

The above is not such a big issue if all the parts are under the size of your hot end or outside of it's reach but... I have a new idea:

What if, using a single process, you could tell it to print models sequentially from "front to back" or in the attached image, from Y 0 to Y 400 (since my build platform on my CR-10 S4 is 400mm long on the Y-axis). Or you could choose to print sequentially on the X axis or a combination of the two. This way you could have a single process but still print sequentially, saving you a lot of time if you print a lot of models at once.

Additionally, you could even have it to where you could input the dimensions of your hot end and have Simplify3D automatically arrange your models so that the hot end wouldn't bump into any of them.

Why print sequentially? It leads to cleaner and stronger models AND finishes printing multiple objects faster than printing all at once.

Before you comment: "just make multiple processes" - that's the whole thing I'm trying to avoid doing. With a 400x400mm bed it can take hours of my time to align sometimes 50+ models in such a way that the hotend won't bump into them and then still have to go create a process for each one, go into the "select models" dialog box, "select none" and then select the appropriate file. It literally takes me hours sometimes :/ This is why I feel the above mentioned tool could be an invaluable one.
Example, printing models sequentially from 1 to 12.

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