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Thin wall test problems

Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:39 am

Hi there!
I´m new of this great software, and I´m try to get as much as I can., following guides and reading the forum but there´s a problem that I can´t really figure out!
The probnlem is a weird "thin wall test", and for sure the mistake is mine.
When I do it I get one diferent size for every wall.
For example :

nozzle: 0,4 with Bowden E3D V6 extruder
extrusion multiplier: 1,00 (to start)
extrusion width: 0,45

ând I get (always an example)
1th wall: 0,45
2th wall: 0,42
3th wall: 0,43
4th wall: 0,50

Layer height: 0,2 mm - PLA or PETG 1,75 filament (good filament, constant size 1,74 ~ 1,76 )

I tried also different options in the "ooze controll" section but nothing seems to change, sometimes even worst.

the funny things is that with CURA in just two rounds, is almost perfet.

Attached the .factory file

I repeat, for sure it´s my mistake, cause the software is great.

Thanks in advance to who wants to help me.

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