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Re: Calibrating Process/Profile for good prints

Tue May 13, 2014 5:45 pm

baron wrote: Printing 3 boxes of 20x20x10 mm in one print with individual processes, one with Extrution multiplier 0.90, one with 1.00 and one with 1.10 (yes I know, big increments)
ALL of the tree boxes are under extruding alot

Then printed a single 20x20x10 mm box with 1.10 as Extr. Multiplier, and it's over extruding alot. Have now found that an extrution multiplier of about 0.95-0.98 works very good for my bot with the two PLA-filaments I've been trying with.

I have not looked through the Gcode, not very experienced with Gcode. What variable controls the "extrution multiplier", should be listed in the code during every travel move between the boxes on a continous print I guess, so if I know what to look for I could check it out.

Just want to make absolutely sure you are assigning the right processes to the right objects. Let me walk through an example. (If you've got this all well and figured out, I apologize.)

Here's an S3D "job" (.factory) with 6 objects (puzzle blocks):
Note there are 6 STLs imports. I've added 3 processes. Now, I want to use Process1 on Block1 and Block1(2). I open up the FFF for Process1:
At the bottom, I click "Select Models" and get the Select Models dialog. There I click the lines to make sure the first two (ONLY) are selected and hit OK.
SelectModel1and2.png (15.9 KiB) Viewed 1282 times
I do the same for Process2, assigning Block3 and Block4 to it, and likewise for Process3, assigning Block5 and Block6 to that one.

This should get you what you want. IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you understand that just importing an STL, adding a process, importing an STL, adding a process, importing an STL and adding a process will NOT get you Process1 assigned to model 1, Process2 assigned to model 2, etc. In fact, you'll end up with ALL 3 PROCESSES assigned to ALL 3 MODELS. In previous versions of S3D, this actually resulted in printing layer 1 three times (at the same Z height). I know this from having to clean up the mess it made of the nozzle and bed on my M2.

I hope my stupid and experience and learning after the fact become your expertise BEFORE the fact. :roll:

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Re: Calibrating Process/Profile for good prints

Tue May 13, 2014 7:42 pm

baron wrote:I will report a bug to the support if they don't answer here during next week.

If I print tree boxes in the same print with each of it's own process settings, exactly the same except Extrusion multiplier. They come out the same.

If I print on single box at a time with different Extrution multiplies the settings work as expected.

quite a shame, I've spent about 10-15 hours on this. :oops: Feel a bit stupid that I didn't try earlier to print on at a time.
I think my problem with the duel extruder perhaps is the same bug. It seems that when you print multiple objects with separate processes that perhaps not everything in the separate process actually gets applied to the correct models. Like for me, it prints both objects with the same extruder. Did you report a bug?

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Re: Calibrating Process/Profile for good prints

Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:53 pm

Makerbot screwed up the steps-per-mm for the Replicator 2.
By default every part is printed too short in X and Y.

To correct this for S3D you need a custom GPX.ini with a higher
value for steps-per-mm. We discussed this several times in the
Makerbot operators google group. Search for it over there.

Here in the S3D forum is a post by Dan (Sailfish firmware)
on how to get the GPX.ini settings used during postprocessing.

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