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how to get both a Skirt and brim

Mon May 19, 2014 10:46 pm

I just purchased simplify 3d and am using it on a printer 610mm x 305mm x 275 mm running an azteeg x3 controller with dual extruder

I have a fairly large model that I want to print
I attempted to work with 2 profiles because I wanted both a brim, and a skirt to retain the heat
The first profile would print from 0 to 3mm and include the brim
The second profile would print from 3mm until the end and include the skirt
When I previewed to slicing the brim was not around the entire model but only on a few sparse areas
The intent was to make the brim 3mm thick then the skirt would be printed from there up to the end of the main print
This is not possible with the way that the brim and skirt are on the same parameter
Could you please make the brim parameter separate from the skirt parameter

I have been playing with a lot of configurations in the program and finding it to be a fairly stable program however it still needs a bit of fine tuning

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