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Prints stopping half-way through

Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:24 pm

Hi all.
Can anyone explain why a print should just stop halfway through? My printer is a Formbot T-Rex 2+.
This has become a consistent issue, with sometimes the communications tab showing only normal comms traffic, and sometimes "Read:echo: busy paused for user" over and over.
When that's happened, the log doesn't seem to go back to the first instance; I did however notice that in the middle of it all, there's a section that goes:
"WARNING: Firmware unresponsive. Attempting to force continue...
SENT: M105
SENT: G1 Z100.000 F1200
READ: echo:busy: paused for user
busy: paused for user" and those last two lines repeated ad nauseum.

I REALLY need to resolve this.

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Re: Prints stopping half-way through

Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:52 am

I would check ALL the connections to the mainboard and power supply to see if any wave vibrated loose, causing an intermittant loss of power or communications signal.

Overheating can also cause this to happen. If you have a laser thermometer, check the temps of the Stepper motors as your print progresses. Do the motor temps get near 150F ? 175 is about as hot as they can stand. Mine usually stay around 100F - 120F even during long printing sessions.

You could also have a power supply issue where not enough current is available. For that, you will need to check the voltage available at the power supply. If you're not experienced with electronics, have someone qualified do that for you. But if the current / voltage dips too low, interruptions like this can occur.

You may also want to check the voltage at the stepper drivers. That's a bit more complicated. There are YouTube videos on that topic.

Oh, it could also be a bad SD card or SD card reader (if you're letting the machine read the code off an SD card) or a bad connection in the USB cable if you're printing from your PC direct to the machine

If you've been printing using a USB cable, try the print from an SD card (if you have that option). If you've been printing from an SD card, try a USB cable (if you have that option)

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