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Outline Speed Question

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:07 am
by Shipkiller
I have a question about 'Outline Underspeed' that is located in the 'Speeds' tab.

Does the under speed happen only on the outer perimeter?

Or put like this: If I have, lets say five (5) 'Outline/Perimeter Shells', does the under speed happen on all perimeters or just the first one?

Thanks, in advanced.

Re: Outline Speed Question

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:31 pm
by S3D-Jake
The outline underspeed in version 4.1.0 will apply to the outermost perimeter. Any internal perimeters should have another speed applied. These internal perimeters should be printed at the midpoint between the default speed and the outline underspeed. So for example default speed is 3600mm/min outline underspeed of 50% you'd see the outermost outline at 1800mm/min and the internal perimeters at 2700mm/min.